you were never supposed to feel like this– stuck, and left wondering why– yet here you are, with another love lost, and my heart just wants yours to be happy. Advertisements


anxiety has been keeping me up at night and fear is what’s waking me up in the morning and even though i am happy and grateful and so in love it scares me that i still see dark circles and a worried gaze whenever i look in the mirror and it’s sad that my mind … More Phobias


i tried to place a long distance call to the girl in the high school yearbook with my face and my name and my smile and all i got was dead air cause she was too out of reach but it’s been so long since we’ve spoken that i wasn’t even surprised at the dial … More Disconnected


there is so much beauty in our love that i could never capture with words and even my most concerted effort  is not nearly as poetic as this feeling.


i wish i could write about each and every one of the impactful experiences that have shaped me but i am just terribly ashamed of so many of them that my writing is never half as honest as i’d like it to be.


learn to accept yourself the way that you are before trying to become somebody better.