i suppose it’s only fitting that we would part ways promising to never speak again after we wasted such a long time saying far too much about absolutely nothing at all. Advertisements


my gem of a best friend told me he’s getting anxiety– and i’ve never been a pessimist but i know we are a generation destined for a tragic end when even the best of us are being tormented by far too many sleepless nights to remain sane.


i went down to the coastline¬† and told myself it was just like home but the air was colder than i was used to and the sky, a lonelier shade of blue and instead of wading into the salt of the sea, i tasted it in the tears on my cheeks mixed with disappointment,¬† what-ifs, … More California


as people get older they tend to move on, and let the past go but i feel as if i am one of the few who has never been able to outgrow regret.  


since the beginning of the end you have not once stopped trying to change the inevitable. in fighting desperately to make me yours, you are chasing after something you cannot have– because darling, i am sorry, but i could never be with someone who did not love me enough to let me go.