anxiety is just being exhausted of thoughts you never wanted to consider. Advertisements


i think i still get scared because i can breathe just fine without you and i’m not sure if that’s the way it should feel to be desperately passionately completely in love.


i believe that we as a society are so terrified of mirrors and use them in horror films and as a scare tactic because they are the realest reflections of us– the good, the bad, and the ugly– and there is nothing more truly frightening than to see ourselves exactly as we are.


when it comes to relationships i am rarely the one who gets left behind– instead, i am always the person on the verge of leaving and i am still not sure which is worse.


i think i became a little addicted to feeling sadness because i thought it was better than feeling nothing but i found myself so lost in the drug, and in my head that i almost forgot what it was like to feel happy.


all people were born with an innate desire to be heard– yet we choose to give platforms to those who only break promises and silence the ones speaking nothing less than the truth.