darling, you were everything i ever wanted but you came at a time for me when i was not sure who i was or what to feel and i’m sorry as there was no way i could have known how much i loved you when i did not even love myself. Advertisements


a small comfort in knowing how many people hate me is to realize that they still feel something, anything, toward me at all– for i suppose i must be quite impossible to forget to have made such a lasting impression.


i suppose it’s a common tendency to hate someone for breaking a heart even if it isn’t your own– but it still hurts to feel the betrayal of so many people who haven’t even heard both sides of the story yet choose to believe the worst.


the finished product does not have to be beautiful to be considered art– in fact it is allowed to be messy and chaotic and raw as it is an expression of the emotion we hold inside and feelings  which are still in the process of becoming masterpieces and sometimes that is all we have to … More Appraisals


i would like to breathe in wildflowers instead of negativity and stars as opposed to melancholy because for too long i have been in a headspace of sad thoughts and i could use a little bit of happy.