i believe my loneliness is a consequence for the many mistakes i made in high school and a reminder of all the people i hurt back then as everyone else is fine now while i still regret absolutely everything because reality¬† is that you cannot just go around breaking hearts and then expect to not … More Kismet


last week i had a burn on my finger that stung every time i washed my hands or did the dishes or took a shower and i kept hoping it would suddenly disappear until eventually i noticed it had as without even realizing it i no longer felt the pain of the injury and i … More Healing


i wasn’t sure how to cope with losing myself so i dyed my hair again and started planning to move back to my hometown hoping that some kind of¬† drastic, unpredictable switch-up would remind me of who i was supposed to be but i don’t think i’ll be found in the color purple or the … More Lavender


i was the ocean filled with notions of wild love and you were the salt in the tears that dried on my cheeks and you immersed yourself in me and i lost myself in you and that is how we drowned.


maybe we were blown apart for a reason by a god who holds us in his hands as if we were dandelions and i am better off picking flowers in a field that’s faraway from home instead of making wishes to grow back together.