Being Used

I think it’s the worst feeling in the world—at least one of the worst things I’ve ever felt before. It’s a sick feeling, deep down in the pit of my stomach. It’s a dirty feeling. To me, it’s completely unrecognizable—until now. I feel hatred. I want him to know what he’s done, to regret it, … More Being Used

Being a Blonde

So here’s the situation: every week I play card games with a group of guys at school (I call them the Spoon Crew because we play spoons and they’re like my gang). And almost every week, I lose. I get teased for it pretty bad, too. A few weeks ago I tried to defend myself, … More Being a Blonde

Ready Or Not

I have a confession to make. I’m really immature. Apparently I used to be mature for my age, and then I guess I kind of caught up to my maturity level, and now I’m just blonde and goofy. This makes me mad. There’s something to be said about being young and fun, but also able … More Ready Or Not

Words I’ve Spoken

I have dreams. I have thoughts. I have aspirations. They flit and flutter across my mind like little butterflies, waiting to be caught in a jar and released to the world. They’re scared. They’re strange. Sometimes they’re beautiful. But most of all, they’re ready. They want to be seen and admired. And so the giver … More Words I’ve Spoken

Becoming You

‘I regret that fact that I struggle trying to find who I am, and I lie to myself and say I do the best that I can.’ ‘Trying to find who I was; being everything I wasn’t.’ I have a cat. I only sleep in total darkness. My hair is blond. I don’t often like … More Becoming You

The New Normal

What’s the meaning of the word ‘special’? I mean, really, everyone wants to be different. Everyone wants to have a sense of identity and be recognized. Everyone wants to be somebody. But how do you become somebody? I think there are three different kinds of people in the world: those who are cool, those who … More The New Normal