The world is distant. Schoolwork is scattered. Bedroom is a mess. Emails are ignored. Blogs are forgotten. Events are few and far between. Projects take up too much time. Friendships are hard to keep up with. Crushes are given up on. Netflix is an escape. Lyrics no longer make sense. There’s too much to catch … More Thoughts

Smoke and Mirrors

On a recent trip to Disney, I was blown away by the pure smoke & mirrors illusions that Disney has mastered so well. While I was there, I felt like anything could happen. I was locked in a different world, one of pure magic and chaos and expectancy and confusion. It was me, though. That’s … More Smoke and Mirrors

I Can’t Even Stand the Excitement….

I love my parents. It’s ridiculous how much I love them right now. They are the best parents in the whole wide world. You wanna know whyyyyy? …………………………………… They bought the three of us tickets for the Next Big Thing ALTERNATIVE MUSIC festival in Tampa this December!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! The following list is the lineup for … More I Can’t Even Stand the Excitement….

Teens Tell Their Story: A Letter to My Former Self

Dear sweet little Sunshine, Right now, you really are still sweet. You’re ten years old, the picture of innocence. You haven’t been taken over by an insane desire to be cool, you’ve never gone crazy for a boy, and your parents are like the Holy Grails of knowledge. You run through life without a care … More Teens Tell Their Story: A Letter to My Former Self