R.I.P. 2 My Youth

I miss summer. I wish fall would make up its mind and be either breezy and cool or hot as Hades. Granted, I’d prefer breezy, but hey, some consistency at least would be nice. I really can’t complain, though. Today has been quite lovely, and yesterday was even better. I hung with my friends at … More R.I.P. 2 My Youth

Stay Alive For Me

Sometimes, I log on to WordPress to rant. Sometimes I’m here to cry. Sometimes I’m here for encouragement. And I’m dark. I’m depressing. I’m emotional. I let out all my deepest feelings, hoping someone, anyone, anywhere, will listen. I need that. But I also need hope. I need everyone to know that it’s gonna be … More Stay Alive For Me

Loss for Words

Thursday afternoon, you told me you still cared. I ignored you. I walked into school Friday morning, and you were there. I knew you would be, but I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t prepared to see you sitting in the back of the class, earbuds in, wearing that hoodie. My hoodie. The one you lent … More Loss for Words


Isn’t it funny to be human? To have limbs. To have minds. To have feelings, and emotions. To act on them. To not act on them. To just live, and be. For certain things to have such a great importance for awhile, and then slowly fade away and simply carry no weight anymore. To die, … More Fragile

Mixed Signals

I quit. I quit trying at LIFE, guys. I am a failure and I have a pointless face. Okay, not really, because I have a nose. (Eh? Eh? That was pretty good, right?) ……………………. Anyway. I’m a failure at life because I never blog anymore. And today, I only logged on to go off on … More Mixed Signals