A lot happened this past summer. I grew up. I distanced myself. I cut my hair. I changed my mind a few times. I told more people ‘no.’ I learned a few lessons, and forgot a few others. I ran away, and I got a little lost. I couldn’t find where I belonged. At some … More Home


I wish I could just run away sometimes. More and more these days, it seems.   I want to drive down the coast, music pounding through my ears and igniting my blood, changing me from the inside out. I want to dye my hair pink and sit in coffee shops until it becomes clear who … More Bliss


I am so inspired. By all of these feelings, all of the experiences, all of the changes. It sparks me into someone else, someone who sees the creativity in everything. I want to write about the expression on your face when I catch your eye from across the room. I want to capture the feeling … More Sparked


It’s funny, the way we know each other. Your deepest thoughts, poetic mind, and quirky soul are like second nature to me. Yet I didn’t see you the way others do. I didn’t notice the way you shake your head and laugh knowingly or how you jump around when you’re excited. I never saw how … More Trainwreck