I feel as if I live in a world full of cynics. Is it so wrong to have hope? To be optimistic and to actually want for good to happen, instead of dreading the worst? I wear rainbows on my sweaters and infinities around my neck because I’m tired of seeing weariness on the faces … More Positivity


There’s nothing quite like it. Walking into a room, hot coffee in one hand, Converse on my feet, song lyrics in my head. And seeing you. My heart leaps, my mind goes a million different places at once, my coffee threatens to spill out of my hand and stain my shoes. After nine months, you … More Butterflies


I’m afraid to draw myself. I’m scared that once the painting is complete, once I’ve gotten past the difficulty of putting the pen to paper and sketching and then filling it in to completion, that I’ll look a little more closely. That maybe I’ll see something in my eyes that I’ve never noticed before. Maybe … More Self-Portrait