There I go, in my mind’s eye. The girl with the scuffed shoes and infectious laugh and a million friends. The one who loved Taylor Swift and writing letters and taking pictures of her feet. I hated her. I thought she was immature, naive. And maybe she was. But she also knew where she belonged, … More Worn


I fall in love with words. Poetry, literature, quotes, letters–they’re so much more to me than just sentences strung together randomly. They are dreams that were spoken into existence. They are demonstrative of what connects human together, illustrating the spilling of souls and the melting of hearts.  I don’t just want pretty words, though. I … More Aesthetic


I love so many people. It made yesterday beautiful and amazing, because I was given the chance to tell them, and felt so much love in return. People I didn’t speak with for so long, that I finally get the chance to reconnect with. Those who have stuck by me through absolutely everything, no matter … More Valentine