The other night, I took a bath.

I used a bath bomb and sat until the water grew cold, and then I sat some more, letting the aromas wash over me and ignoring my scattered thoughts.

I shaved and moisturized and ran my hands over my silky smooth skin.

I whitened my teeth and French-braided my hair and put dark circle cream under my eyes.

I drank buckets of water and slept for ten hours.

And I felt better, when I woke up. A little more hopeful, a little prettier.

I hadn’t done that in awhile. I hadn’t been alone in weeks, hadn’t tried to sort through my thoughts, hadn’t pampered my tired body.

Everything has been so chaotic. So stressful and emotionally draining. There’s been no time to process anything, to relax or to sleep all my problems away.

I needed a break, from all of it.

It’s taken a toll on my head, my screwed up emotions, my tired eyes and sad smile.

And I’ve finally realized that I’ve been so busy taking care of other people, I’ve forgotten to take care of myself.



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