heartache and dandelions mixing together in the cool breeze as i taste the blood of loss on my tongue and breathe in the forgotten wishes that surround me   sifting violet sunlight casts shadows on my pale, tangled hair bare feet chasing, desperate, but never finding eternally departing from the past and into the elsewhere … More Yearning


why am i so tired yet so restless every night? i spend hours contemplating love, bad timing, and inevitability, telling myself i need to be up in the morning and still unable to close my eyes. occasionally i know i must fall asleep, but i always wake early, the sun not yet streaming through my … More Sleepless


they know me as a west coast girl with dyed hair, a thin frame, and a penchant for sushi. i shop at whole foods, and sprouts, and trader joe’s, for gluten free breads and soy substitutes. i fall for soft aesthetics, and listen to indie bands with foreign names that no one has ever heard … More Pretentious