i will not lie– i am still very anorexic. but at least i am simply sick in the head and no longer willingly fatally skinny.   Advertisements


i suppose we were simply high school friends condemned to the distance of graduation and separate lives and it was complete foolishness, to assume we all loved one another enough to call every so often because it’s been almost a year, and i still check for a letter every day only to find an empty … More Drifting


he is cold coffee warm breath and cigarette smoke while i am only a sad girl falling desperately in love with a metaphor.


maybe one day you’ll stop getting drunk  over things that don’t matter and you’ll give up on staying high to distract you from the things that do– but you’ll probably be grown by then and it’ll be much too late for any of it to make a difference anymore.


i loved you with no promises and left you under the same conditions. if someone were to ask why we separated i suppose we’d have no choice but to tell them the shameful truth– that our relationship was nothing but a trial run for when each of us are better prepared to finally make an … More Practice


i almost asked if you still cared but stopped myself just in time because for all my naiveté,  i am not quite foolish enough to risk breaking my own heart all over again.


i suppose it’s only fitting that we would part ways promising to never speak again after we wasted such a long time saying far too much about absolutely nothing at all.