i know i said differently before

but recently, i came to discover

that i rather like the feeling of my heart breaking–

i suppose because it reminds me of how very alive i am

and how beautiful i find all of my feelings

when i take them out to look at them at night.

so maybe that is the reason i have continued

falling into things that hurt, and bleed, and break me

and, perhaps, why i find myself crying so often–

not only to express the emotions i cannot explain,

but also as a means of keeping myself company

even in the depths of my loneliness.

5 thoughts on “Lachrymose

  1. You have such a great, raw way with words. The image of taking out your feelings to look at them and how you appreciate the heartache because it makes you feel alive are both stark reminders of the resilience of human beings (some of us anyway). I am like this, too. I prefer to feel the cut of heart ache so I know I am still alive. And, it is true that heartache is evidence that we have truly loved. Just great writing!

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