there’s something about you that makes me ache to tell you everything, but then you’d know what a mess i’ve been since i ran away from what we were– and babe, you’re the last person i’d have ever wanted to see me the way everyone else does. Advertisements


i have just now learned what you always knew– that our fate to love one another was written in the stars but fate does not always win out and now we are destined, as many others, to see nothing but a tragic end forever spelled out in our galaxy.


i wrote a poem and called it lost because it seemed to wander aimlessly, drifting without direction  and without meaning– as no matter how hard i tried i was left with only a skeleton of a thought that would never be written regardless of how desperately i longed to find it.


if only i could drop everything and drive until i reached a place where no one knew my name– but i would probably just make the same mistakes all over again and eventually long to escape from there, too.


i picked up the phone today to tell you i’m still in love with you, after all this time– yet i had to stop myself, for i am so afraid not only of saying things i can never take back, but also of once again desiring to run away even when it is far too … More Temperamental


awhile ago, i figured out that the less you eat, the thinner you become so one day, i just stopped eating entirely and ever since then i have struggled to remember exactly how it felt to be normal.