we are all struggling to grow into better versions of ourselves than the ones we see in the rearview mirror– but what if our past selves were the best people we could ever hope to become? Advertisements


sometimes i still leave my window open at night in the hopes that peter pan will come through and tell me about all his adventures in neverland, to help me sleep, and boast his narcissism, and i wonder if, maybe, he’ll even fall in love with me– but before too long i realize how impractical … More Fantasies


lately i’ve been looking back at photographs and wondering how i didn’t see it before– the sunken cheekbones and wandering gaze, the sadness in my smile, and the fear that paralyzed me– but i suppose i was too focused on the heaviness of my head to understand the pain that affected my spirit rather than … More Delusion


seventeen is kind of a tragic age full of loneliness and a desperate melancholy and eighteen is not so very different– except that now, i can return to the water where i grew up to feel the salt in my hair and the sun on my cheeks and no one will think i’m running away, … More Oceans


i’m not sure why i have never been able to find the strength in me to love myself the way he used to– but at least i chose to leave him once i figured out i would never begin to embrace who i am if i kept depending on someone else to do it for … More Becoming