sometimes i still leave my window open at night

in the hopes that peter pan will come through

and tell me about all his adventures in neverland,

to help me sleep, and boast his narcissism,

and i wonder if, maybe, he’ll even fall in love with me–

but before too long i realize how impractical i’ve been

for forgetting to lock the screen and shut the blinds

and how any sort of madman could enter my room

as i lay vulnerable in the middle of the night

so i stop letting my wandering mind run away with me

and start closing my window to the darkness

of a very real and very dangerous world outside

that is not, and will not ever become,

the neverland of my childish imagination.

21 thoughts on “Fantasies

  1. Fantasy meets reality – many of us have trust issues and in moments of fantasy forget the reality of what is around us. Love this so much!

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