we are all struggling to grow

into better versions of ourselves

than the ones we see in the rearview mirror–

but what if our past selves

were the best people

we could ever hope to become?


17 thoughts on “Rearview

  1. Ah, such a great “what if” question. There are times when I feel there were periods in my past when I was the best version of who I am but then I wonder, what if the best version of me is yet to come… and so I continue, as many of us do, on that path to self-betterment.

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  2. Indeed and interesting question which stabs at the mind and heart.. There were times in the past when the same thought pricked my mind. Then I discovered how we die at every dusk and are reborn at the dawn — thus, will we ever know ourselves? I figured out that a better death is always awaiting with a far better rebirth — moment after moment — and the soul is oh so aware and ready for all its ‘attires’. So I simply surrendered and lived each breath to the fullest.

    K, thank you!

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    1. beautiful, beautiful description. i believe hope is humanity’s greatest tool, and that it must be the ultimate answer to the proposed question. after all, what do we have in this life without optimism for a better day?
      lovely to hear that you are living so freely! i admire that greatly xx


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