poetry flows through my veins

as i lay in bed at night

but slips between my fingers

when i wake in the morning–

and i have since learned

that my innermost feelings

will never allow the light of day

to seep through the cracks

of their velvety darkness,

which is what causes

so much of my writing

to remain yet unfinished.



18 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. YES! such a beautifully written poem about being a night-time creator like myself. I think my thoughts come to life when other’s shut down for the night. There’s something scary, yet oddly calming to me as well about lying in bed at night, thinking too much about everything. I actually create most of my content while others around me are probably sleeping. I like the quiet and the dark. It makes me feel at peace with the wildest of thoughts I might have.

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    1. exactly! and oh, what a way with words you have. i think your comment in itself could be a poem…. just that idea, of finding your peace in the solace of the night, is truly lovely. thanks so much for understanding this feeling 🙂 xx

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  2. Oh your smooth melodious words, K.. So beautiful! Just like ‘silky elusive’ poetry that keeps slipping through the fingers.. Perhaps this elusivness is what makes ‘poetry’ so enticing and intriguing, no?

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, K. Keep smiling, dear bright one. xx

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    1. my week is now truly wonderful, thanks to your kindness! your thoughts about poetry are insightful, and so true. i love discovering easily escapable thoughts, and hope that you will continue capturing this “elusive” poetry in your beautiful posts 🙂 xx

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