i told him i had trust issues,

and he said it was okay–

that he was a living hurricane,

who hid behind a deluge of feelings

but it was just a romantic notion,

to think that two broken people

could somehow fix each other,

so i chose to barricade myself

in the safety of my own whirlwinds

because after the last downpour,

i simply couldn’t let myself fall

for another tornado of a boy

whose storm rivaled my own.



26 thoughts on “Weathered

  1. This is such a beautiful poem with an equally beautiful, yet sad message. The idea that two people become dependent on each other in an attempt to drown out all of those negative feelings is realistic and definitely something I have seen way too many times in real life. I think that in those situations you are in danger of losing yourself in the relationship and forgetting the relationship most vital in your life: the relationship you have with yourself. Because at the end of the day, only you can fix yourself fully but that can be a terrifying thing – to be confronted with all of your demons. xx

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    1. thanks, lovely! that point is exactly what i was trying to convey with this poem. if there’s one thing i’ve learned from past relationships, it’s the dangers of relying on someone else to be your everything. that goes hand in hand with depending on him/her to make you better, and i love the idea you brought up of losing yourself when that happens. i hate that feeling, and a lot of what i write stems from the fear of misplacing who i am xx

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