8 thoughts on “Fated

  1. Well, I believe we have no choices regarding where we are born and what others say or do. Once we get to an age to make choices for ourselves, then the rest is up to us. Every decision we make comes with a consequence, good or bad. I refuse to believe in fate or destiny because it means that all the suffering in the world was and is meant to be. Life is filled with coincidences and some of us are lucky enough to be able to garner positive things from them. I do believe there are lessons we can learn and that we can choose to take our lives in any direction we need to. But, you aren’t alone in this. We all think of these things at some point(s) in our lives.

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    1. i love this viewpoint. i myself believe, not necessarily in predestination, but in a greater plan than we will ever be aware of. free will is a privilege, and i think we can choose whether or not to follow this plan xx

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