they had a mess of a history and the ironic twist about it was that it was just enough to hold the two back from talking like they used to yet the one and only factor that saved them from being total strangers.


words–my closest friends, though sometimes still senseless, even to me. truly, i am afraid of how lonely i have become.


the definition of insanity is said to be repeating the same actions over and over and expecting different results– if that is the case, i think i must have completely lost my mind.


he made her so very happy and how disappointed she was when she finally woke up and realized that happiness isn’t everything.


how sad when you sense so well the way something will end yet can’t help wanting it anyway– which leads to trying for it, feeling it,  breaking it, losing it, and finally, missing it, till you are left wondering why you ever desired a taste of something you were not allowed to keep.