Above the world,  beyond it all, we sat at the top of the Ferris wheel. Inky, endless night surrounded us as we looked, and we saw the world from a higher perspective. The way the lights twinkled, Neon, tinted with spirit. And that the people looked how we must look to God in the heavens. … More Relativity


Rain drop Lights off Listening to the quiet throb   My soul afire Lit and sparked But dampened by the drear   Almost empty All dreams disposed Lying near my cup of forgotten tea   Cozy sweaters Yet lonely days I sleep to the murmur of hazy weather   Night, with pen to paper Scrawl … More Daze


I loved you in the way I love my beat-up copy of The Great Gatsby, and the worn navy sweater I’ve had since freshman year. I loved you the same way I love hearing a song that takes me back to my childhood, or spending long afternoons looking at old photo albums with a cup … More Safe


I don’t know how to forget. I don’t understand how to let go, how to accept what’s happened and move on. So sometimes, I imagine alternate realities. I picture what would’ve happened if I had chosen the other boy. The one who never gave up, the one who meant everything he ever said, the one … More Parallels


I am filled with such sadness. My mind is clouded with doubt. About my relationships, who I am as a person, how I’m supposed to carry on with a new life when I’m two thousand miles away from everything I ever knew. It gets to be so much sometimes that I can barely complete daily … More Moments


I haven’t spoken to you in days. I constantly pick up my phone to text you, and then remember how unreachable you are. I feel oddly alone. No one else stays up with me till 3am, playing 20 questions and talking about our dreams. No one else knows how to deal with me at my … More Drugged


Some days, I want to die. I lay on my bed and forget to breathe, calling people just to cry and waiting for the anxiety to leave me. I examine myself in the mirror, skip meals, avoid my parents. The loneliness is overwhelming, and I cannot cope. Yet, on other days, everything is beautiful. I … More Emotional