one day, all of a sudden i became very lonely and i am still unsure if it happened simply because i was alone– or perhaps, because i was for the first time aware of all the people i have misplaced.   Advertisements


The world is distant. Schoolwork is scattered. Bedroom is a mess. Emails are ignored. Blogs are forgotten. Events are few and far between. Projects take up too much time. Friendships are hard to keep up with. Crushes are given up on. Netflix is an escape. Lyrics no longer make sense. There’s too much to catch … More Tired


The girl is falling. She’s falling, she’s falling, she’s suspended in space. Time passes, words are spoken. She keeps going, words fly back and forth, she grabs onto something, asks a question. And the answer isn’t quite what she expected. It’s worse. And so she falls. When she finally hits the bottom, the ground isn’t … More Ending