The world is distant. Schoolwork is scattered. Bedroom is a mess. Emails are ignored. Blogs are forgotten. Events are few and far between. Projects take up too much time. Friendships are hard to keep up with. Crushes are given up on. Netflix is an escape. Lyrics no longer make sense. There’s too much to catch … More Thoughts

I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel

Is this for me? Why do I blog? Who reads my blog anyway? Why am I worried about disappointing people? Why does it matter? Why can’t I pin down why I’m so upset? With myself, with people, with life? UGH. I’m so confused. I’m busy, but I have too much time to think. I’m tired, … More I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel

Tips for Years

‘Ello, folks! I was nominated for a challenge recently (*cough recently meaning like two weeks ago cough*) by the lovely Elm (Thank you, you absolutely fantabulous person!), and I was quite surprised and honored that I was nominated to give advice. Anyone else get a kick out of that? 😀 Ze Rules 1. Thank whoever … More Tips for Years

Cupid’s Daughter

*sigh* I’m still confused. I’m not any less confused than I was before. Ugh. Don’t you just HATE that? I definitely feel better. Surprisingly apathetic, in fact. That’s good, right? My friends were so worried about me. Frankly, they still are. But I’m okay. A breakup isn’t the end of the world. Even though it … More Cupid’s Daughter

The End

The girl is falling. She’s falling, she’s falling, she’s suspended in space. Time passes, words are spoken. She keeps going, words fly back and forth, she grabs onto something, asks a question. And the answer isn’t quite what she expected. It’s worse. And so she falls. When she finally hits the bottom, the ground isn’t … More The End