my relapse began when i was still very sick– and instead of taking care of myself, i decided it was easier to pretend that i was normal, just like everyone else. so i stopped monitoring calories and i stopped eating snacks and i stopped letting myself rest and i also stopped recovering.  


today i feel a bit like a sadness that has been left out in the rain– dripping of melancholy, and the lingering scent of your faded 90s grunge band t-shirts that i returned to your doorstep in a soggy cardboard box full of our long-lost dreams and all the things we hoped to become– but … More Tears


awhile ago, i figured out that the less you eat, the thinner you become so one day, i just stopped eating entirely and ever since then i have struggled to remember exactly how it felt to be normal.


too many pretty faces walk around kissing strangers because their daddies never taught them that there are infinitely better things in life to taste than the lips of those who do not appreciate their beauty.


i know i said differently before but recently, i came to discover that i rather like the feeling of my heart breaking– i suppose because it reminds me of how very alive i am and how beautiful i find all of my feelings when i take them out to look at them at night. so … More Lachrymose


last night wasn’t the first time i’ve dreamt of you but i have never before woken with such a lingering sadness on my tongue that tastes of all the words we left unsaid and my head heavy with memories i attempted to forget, long ago– yet i know it is no one’s fault but my … More Hangover