Mixed Signals

I quit. I quit trying at LIFE, guys. I am a failure and I have a pointless face. Okay, not really, because I have a nose. (Eh? Eh? That was pretty good, right?) ……………………. Anyway. I’m a failure at life because I never blog anymore. And today, I only logged on to go off on … More Mixed Signals

Smoke and Mirrors

On a recent trip to Disney, I was blown away by the pure smoke & mirrors illusions that Disney has mastered so well. While I was there, I felt like anything could happen. I was locked in a different world, one of pure magic and chaos and expectancy and confusion. It was me, though. That’s … More Smoke and Mirrors

Tips for Years

‘Ello, folks! I was nominated for a challenge recently (*cough recently meaning like two weeks ago cough*) by the lovely Elm (Thank you, you absolutely fantabulous person!), and I was quite surprised and honored that I was nominated to give advice. Anyone else get a kick out of that? 😀 Ze Rules 1. Thank whoever … More Tips for Years

Cupid’s Daughter

*sigh* I’m still confused. I’m not any less confused than I was before. Ugh. Don’t you just HATE that? I definitely feel better. Surprisingly apathetic, in fact. That’s good, right? My friends were so worried about me. Frankly, they still are. But I’m okay. A breakup isn’t the end of the world. Even though it … More Cupid’s Daughter

My Crew

My friends came over the other day for a party. We’re the newspaper committee. And, yes, I write (and edit) for my school newspaper. In fact, my mother is our default editor-in-chief. Call me nerdy, but I love it. And I love our crew. (My mom gets brownie points for this, cause it was seriously … More My Crew

I Wish That I Could Be Like the Cool Kids……

Allow me to wander off topic for a moment and describe my love of Echosmith. Although it took awhile to grow on me, I love the eighties vibe I get from their music—similar to Brandon Flower’s recent release, ‘Lonely Town’ (which you should definitely check out). And Sydney Sierota’s voice—OH MY GOODNESS. It is absolutely … More I Wish That I Could Be Like the Cool Kids……