The Future Challenge

Yay! I just love challenges. Being the crazy OCD that I am, I like it all laid out in front of me. (I need to have a GOAL, people. A GOAL.) I was nominated for this challenge by one of my new favorite bloggers, teenagelunatics. Be sure to check out her blog—she’s fabulous! She’s also … More The Future Challenge


I’m so confused. I was so sure I loved you. When I think of you, and being with you, and I see your face in my mind, I smile. I smile and blush and I see it. I see a future. It’s not like that with anybody else. But then why do I feel so … More Rollercoaster

My Crew

My friends came over the other day for a party. We’re the newspaper committee. And, yes, I write (and edit) for my school newspaper. In fact, my mother is our default editor-in-chief. Call me nerdy, but I love it. And I love our crew. (My mom gets brownie points for this, cause it was seriously … More My Crew

I Wish That I Could Be Like the Cool Kids……

Allow me to wander off topic for a moment and describe my love of Echosmith. Although it took awhile to grow on me, I love the eighties vibe I get from their music—similar to Brandon Flower’s recent release, ‘Lonely Town’ (which you should definitely check out). And Sydney Sierota’s voice—OH MY GOODNESS. It is absolutely … More I Wish That I Could Be Like the Cool Kids……


There’s a girl. She’s been hurt over and over in a relationship, especially recently, but somehow still finds the will inside her to love someone again. A few days ago, she felt numb to everything. But suddenly, there was a boy—and for her, he came at just the right time. He seems to see right … More Storytime

The New Normal

What’s the meaning of the word ‘special’? I mean, really, everyone wants to be different. Everyone wants to have a sense of identity and be recognized. Everyone wants to be somebody. But how do you become somebody? I think there are three different kinds of people in the world: those who are cool, those who … More The New Normal