Driving down the interstate Singing at the top of our lungs to the radio You lightly touch my arm and I smile Caught up in the song and the afterglow   Drawing x’s on each other’s hands We’re not even sure what they represent But it means you’re mine and I like that Laughing and … More Collision


I know how you feel. Tricked, vulnerable, lonely. Stupid. He wrote poetry for me. He called me brighter than the sun and told me he’d wait as long as he had to. Until he gave up, and moved on to someone else. He told her he loved her, and wanted to be with her, and … More Us


I love your smile when you’re not trying. I love the fact that I can spam you with multiple messages about absolutely nothing in particular, and you’ll actually read and respond to them. I love your decisiveness. I love my name being the key to everything that matters in your life. I love how I’m … More Porcelain

After the Storm

I knew that the calm was too much. I knew something was coming, because my life is never simple. I asked for the storm, didn’t I? To feel the emotion? But I never thought it would be such a rude wake up call. Didn’t expect to find that the world is much more shadowed than … More After the Storm