Here’s Why I’m Totally Dancing Around Like a Freak

Mm. I’m strangely happy right now. Here’s why: I had a good day. Yeah, I know, that’s something of an insignificant reason to happy dance. See, generally school leaves me feeling emotionally drained, but today was…different. Probably because I had no expectations like, whatsoever. As you may have deduced if you keep up with my … More Here’s Why I’m Totally Dancing Around Like a Freak

Loss for Words

Thursday afternoon, you told me you still cared. I ignored you. I walked into school Friday morning, and you were there. I knew you would be, but I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t prepared to see you sitting in the back of the class, earbuds in, wearing that hoodie. My hoodie. The one you lent … More Loss for Words


The world is distant. Schoolwork is scattered. Bedroom is a mess. Emails are ignored. Blogs are forgotten. Events are few and far between. Projects take up too much time. Friendships are hard to keep up with. Crushes are given up on. Netflix is an escape. Lyrics no longer make sense. There’s too much to catch … More Thoughts

Times Have Changed

He’s beautiful…like an angel. He’s fallen to my world and there’s no way to stop how I feel. It was like a tidal wave, rushing in and I couldn’t stop it. I’ve done almost everything to try and prevent this, but when he smiles, my walls crumble down. He’s made me crazy—everything reminds me of … More Times Have Changed