I haven’t spoken to you in days. I constantly pick up my phone to text you, and then remember how unreachable you are. I feel oddly alone. No one else stays up with me till 3am, playing 20 questions and talking about our dreams. No one else knows how to deal with me at my … More Drugged


welcome to high school. this is a place where no one looks forward to life anymore. where everyone has senioritis and bored faces and we all just go through the motions. a place where people contemplate suicide daily, because no matter how beautiful their lives are, their minds are messes. where you’re labeled a “slut” … More Welcome


“Isn’t it strange,” you say, “how the best people experience the worst pain?” And it’s true, isn’t it? That the sweetest boy is the one who ends up with a broken heart, and it’s the most selfless mother who finds out unexpectedly that she has cancer. The most beautiful girl constantly fights deep insecurities and … More Irony


A friend told me the other day that I sometimes blur the lines between reality and my emotions. It’s true. I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know how I should feel. I know I used to be loving and easygoing and genuinely happy, but now I blow everything out of proportion. I’m told … More Logical


There are precious things in the world still. Even when I am experiencing the feeling of falling apart. When I am detached from everyone and everything. When the stress and fear is too much and I want to sleep my life away. There are unicorn frappuchinos from Starbucks. There are kisses on the head. There … More Smile

Fighting My Feelings

My life is so confusing. Just when I think I have one problem solved, another rushes in to take its place. At the moment, I’m battling feelings. Feelings of love. Feelings of resentment. Feelings of loneliness. It’s wearing me down. I just handle things SO badly, and I don’t know where to go from here. … More Fighting My Feelings

I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel

Is this for me? Why do I blog? Who reads my blog anyway? Why am I worried about disappointing people? Why does it matter? Why can’t I pin down why I’m so upset? With myself, with people, with life? UGH. I’m so confused. I’m busy, but I have too much time to think. I’m tired, … More I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel