they have told me they love my mind, that i have a beautiful soul, and that i am unique. that they are drawn to me, inexplicably and unforgettably. and it is a nice change from simply being called skinny, or attractive. at least, this is what i tell myself, when i am alone, and hating … More Worth


it continues to weigh on me. the illness in my head, the heaviness of my soul.   unable to concentrate, i stare aimlessly into my cold mug of tea, watching the calm and unmoving liquid.   how unlike the gravity of my mind, which never stops tossing and turning– it takes so much out of … More Grief


i lift my hands to the sky as we drive and sing louder than anyone else, trying to get high on music and vibes.   and when we stop at 1am to eat, i sit in the middle of the table, center of attention. i look in their eyes and laugh.   i am so … More Wasted


After a long summer of wondering, waiting, imagining how things would play out, exploring new avenues, discovering myself–I was finally able to say goodbye to everything that still haunted me. I visited Florida, where I left all my memories, and realized why they became memories in the first place. I cried with my dear, lovely … More Farewell


Walk with me Come away to the beach, and let’s dip our toes in the water   Meet me at the coffeeshop on seventh And we’ll get cinnamon lattes and talk for hours   Call me tomorrow at 2am When we’re incoherent and lonely and raw   We could talk about love Or literature, in … More Kindred


Rain drop Lights off Listening to the quiet throb   My soul afire Lit and sparked But dampened by the drear   Almost empty All dreams disposed Lying near my cup of forgotten tea   Cozy sweaters Yet lonely days I sleep to the murmur of hazy weather   Night, with pen to paper Scrawl … More Daze


I loved you in the way I love my beat-up copy of The Great Gatsby, and the worn navy sweater I’ve had since freshman year. I loved you the same way I love hearing a song that takes me back to my childhood, or spending long afternoons looking at old photo albums with a cup … More Safe