do you still wish? do you still dream, on stars and clocks and pennies tossed in fountains? do you miss the way things used to be, when you were happy, free, ungrounded?   am i wasting precious breath? am i silly to attempt a lost art, in being optimistic? am i stupid or a fool, … More 11:11


Above the world,  beyond it all, we sat at the top of the Ferris wheel. Inky, endless night surrounded us as we looked, and we saw the world from a higher perspective. The way the lights twinkled, Neon, tinted with spirit. And that the people looked how we must look to God in the heavens. … More Relativity


Here I am–right where I never thought I’d be. At my new job, playing secretary, sitting in an office by the door waiting to greet people. I have a smile on my face and a laptop on my desk. It’s a lovely setting, neither overwhelming or boring. It’s strange, that the days of sending emails … More Optimism


I am so inspired. By all of these feelings, all of the experiences, all of the changes. It sparks me into someone else, someone who sees the creativity in everything. I want to write about the expression on your face when I catch your eye from across the room. I want to capture the feeling … More Sparked


There was a girl. Sleepy a lot of the time, she drank words like water. She was content, but needed to be stirred. Living, but not alive. So she wandered until suddenly there was a boy. Purely chilled, always thoughtful, content to sit in coffee shops and sip on dreams until the world ended. He … More Addicts


I sat in the meadow with you, my hair braided over my shoulder. There was a yellow dress. A kiss. Willow trees. Happy smiles. We talked for hours. Every little thing that crossed our lips became a conversation. And when we danced, the trees danced with us. Days grew to years. Time brought relief, safety, … More Dreaming


Sometimes, I log on to WordPress to rant. Sometimes I’m here to cry. Sometimes I’m here for encouragement. And I’m dark. I’m depressing. I’m emotional. I let out all my deepest feelings, hoping someone, anyone, anywhere, will listen. I need that. But I also need hope. I need everyone to know that it’s gonna be … More Anew