Here I am–right where I never thought I’d be. At my new job, playing secretary, sitting in an office by the door waiting to greet people. I have a smile on my face and a laptop on my desk. It’s a lovely setting, neither overwhelming or boring. It’s strange, that the days of sending emails … More Optimism


I am so inspired. By all of these feelings, all of the experiences, all of the changes. It sparks me into someone else, someone who sees the creativity in everything. I want to write about the expression on your face when I catch your eye from across the room. I want to capture the feeling … More Sparked


There was a girl. Sleepy a lot of the time, she drank words like water. She was content, but needed to be stirred. Living, but not alive. So she wandered until suddenly there was a boy. Purely chilled, always thoughtful, content to sit in coffee shops and sip on dreams until the world ended. He … More Addicts


I sat in the meadow with you, my hair braided over my shoulder. There was a yellow dress. A kiss. Willow trees. Happy smiles. We talked for hours. Every little thing that crossed our lips became a conversation. And when we danced, the trees danced with us. Days grew to years. Time brought relief, safety, … More Dreaming

Waking Up

Every day I wake up. There is always a moment of pure silence, a certain peace, as soon as I first become conscious. And then I open my eyes and everything rushes back like a flood. Who I am, what I’ve done, who I’m becoming. I always try to determine if I’ve changed overnight. I … More Waking Up