the finished product does not have to be beautiful to be considered art– in fact it is allowed to be messy and chaotic and raw as it is an expression of the emotion we hold inside and feelings  which are still in the process of becoming masterpieces and sometimes that is all we have to … More Appraisals


i would like to breathe in wildflowers instead of negativity and stars as opposed to melancholy because for too long i have been in a headspace of sad thoughts and i could use a little bit of happy.


i have been waiting for a boy who will write me poetry and pick me flowers and let me rest my head on his stomach when i am sick and tired of feeling melancholy but deep down, i feel i would end up being the one with the idyllic daydreams and mixtapes a mile long … More Balance


i worry sometimes that i am just a stereotypical beatnik of a teenage girl whose poetry is meaningless and full of overused metaphors and there is nothing to separate me from the millions of other wannabe tumblr poets who post pictures of themselves on the internet smoking, and wearing mustard yellow– but screw that, for … More Clichés


today i feel a bit like a sadness that has been left out in the rain– dripping of melancholy, and the lingering scent of your faded 90s grunge band t-shirts that i returned to your doorstep in a soggy cardboard box full of our long-lost dreams and all the things we hoped to become– but … More Tears


i know i said differently before but recently, i came to discover that i rather like the feeling of my heart breaking– i suppose because it reminds me of how very alive i am and how beautiful i find all of my feelings when i take them out to look at them at night. so … More Lachrymose


you are etched into every line of ink across this page details of you bleeding through my subconscious and emerging in the poems i have tried desperately to avoid writing but you are inevitably my most breathtaking inspiration and i would be considered much less of an artist without the presence of you in each … More Muse