Bite my tongue. Hold my shaky breath. Maybe if I’m quiet for long enough, everything will be okay, eventually. If I’m honest, it’s really hard to feel this way. Numb, misunderstood, vulnerable. Stubborn. Dazed. I’m tired of hurting you. I’m tired of breaking. But hearts ache sometimes, even when they love each other. Advertisements


Nothing lasts in this world. Not love, not friends, no period of time. Everything has its own season, and its own purpose. To ensure our growth. To test our strength. To give us happiness. But when it’s over, we are left with the bitter taste of nostalgia in our mouths. Sometimes I wake with the … More Melancholia

Fighting My Feelings

My life is so confusing. Just when I think I have one problem solved, another rushes in to take its place. At the moment, I’m battling feelings. Feelings of love. Feelings of resentment. Feelings of loneliness. It’s wearing me down. I just handle things SO badly, and I don’t know where to go from here. … More Fighting My Feelings

I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel

Is this for me? Why do I blog? Who reads my blog anyway? Why am I worried about disappointing people? Why does it matter? Why can’t I pin down why I’m so upset? With myself, with people, with life? UGH. I’m so confused. I’m busy, but I have too much time to think. I’m tired, … More I’ve Been Sleepless at Night, Cause I Don’t Know How I Feel