We can’t be friends. I thought I could do it, but I was wrong. It’s impossible to fix the past and it’s too difficult to live in the present and I find that it was better when we didn’t talk at all. Jealousy cripples me and regret never leaves. The gravity of what I lost, … More Strangers


I know how you feel. Tricked, vulnerable, lonely. Stupid. He wrote poetry for me. He called me brighter than the sun and told me he’d wait as long as he had to. Until he gave up, and moved on to someone else. He told her he loved her, and wanted to be with her, and … More Us


A lot happened this past summer. I grew up. I distanced myself. I cut my hair. I changed my mind a few times. I told more people ‘no.’ I learned a few lessons, and forgot a few others. I ran away, and I got a little lost. I couldn’t find where I belonged. At some … More Home

The Bittersweet Reality

It was a good experience. Seeing everyone walk up there and receive their diplomas, watching them give their presentations, wishing them farewells at the reception afterwards. But it was also—well, it was bittersweet, really. It’s funny how it doesn’t become real until you’re there. All this talk about graduation, and you’re excited and happy for … More The Bittersweet Reality


I sat in the meadow with you, my hair braided over my shoulder. There was a yellow dress. A kiss. Willow trees. Happy smiles. We talked for hours. Every little thing that crossed our lips became a conversation. And when we danced, the trees danced with us. Days grew to years. Time brought relief, safety, … More Dreaming

Extrovert Problems

I’m always distracted. By people, things, thoughts, ideas. I flit around, drift, never give anything my full attention, never stop to breathe and focus. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Don’t stop. Maybe that’s why I never know what I want. I don’t pause long enough to think about it. Moving forward is easier for some reason. … More Extrovert Problems