I don’t know how to forget. I don’t understand how to let go, how to accept what’s happened and move on. So sometimes, I imagine alternate realities. I picture what would’ve happened if I had chosen the other boy. The one who never gave up, the one who meant everything he ever said, the one … More Parallels


There are precious things in the world still. Even when I am experiencing the feeling of falling apart. When I am detached from everyone and everything. When the stress and fear is too much and I want to sleep my life away. There are unicorn frappuchinos from Starbucks. There are kisses on the head. There … More Smile


Change is difficult. It is also an inevitable, chaotic, and beautiful facet of life. I’ve never experienced so much at one time before, and I don’t know how to handle it or the overwhelming emotions that come with the different experiences. The bittersweet ending of my high school education. Leaving my first job. Getting older … More Inception


She is captivating. The sparkle in her eyes reflects her spirited personality, her brushstrokes accentuating her creativity. I watch her work, and I smile.  She thinks she isn’t good enough, but her determination is more than enough to take her far away from where she feels stifled, and into the place she was created to … More Lovely


How has this happened? To my friends, the people I’ve grown up with, the different pieces of my heart. We’ve gone from bubble gum days to brokenhearted nights, in the span of a single season. We get the mean reds that show themselves on pale wrists, and we forget what it means to love and … More Scarred


Driving down the interstate Singing at the top of our lungs to the radio You lightly touch my arm and I smile Caught up in the song and the afterglow   Drawing x’s on each other’s hands We’re not even sure what they represent But it means you’re mine and I like that Laughing and … More Collision


It’s funny, the way we know each other. Your deepest thoughts, poetic mind, and quirky soul are like second nature to me. Yet I didn’t see you the way others do. I didn’t notice the way you shake your head and laugh knowingly or how you jump around when you’re excited. I never saw how … More Trainwreck