maybe if i take my coffee black it will be strong enough to rid my tongue of the bitterness i taste in all the words i’ve never said.


after a long ten months of pretending i am not a wolf in sheep’s clothing– because that is what we all are, isn’t it, sweetheart?– finally, i have abandoned my pride, begged for peace, and extended the olive branch for though you are far past broken, i know i am scarred as well,  and that … More Wolves


my gem of a best friend told me he’s getting anxiety– and i’ve never been a pessimist but i know we are a generation destined for a tragic end when even the best of us are being tormented by far too many sleepless nights to remain sane.


I don’t know how to forget. I don’t understand how to let go, how to accept what’s happened and move on. So sometimes, I imagine alternate realities. I picture what would’ve happened if I had chosen the other boy. The one who never gave up, the one who meant everything he ever said, the one … More Parallels


There are precious things in the world still. Even when I am experiencing the feeling of falling apart. When I am detached from everyone and everything. When the stress and fear is too much and I want to sleep my life away. There are unicorn frappuchinos from Starbucks. There are kisses on the head. There … More Smile