We can’t be friends. I thought I could do it, but I was wrong. It’s impossible to fix the past and it’s too difficult to live in the present and I find that it was better when we didn’t talk at all. Jealousy cripples me and regret never leaves. The gravity of what I lost, … More Strangers


I wish I could, sometimes. More and more these days. I want to drive down the coast, music pounding through my ears and igniting my blood, changing me from the inside out. I want to dye my hair pink and sit in coffee shops until it becomes clear who I’ve been looking for. I want … More Bliss

Game Changer

My restless heart can’t seem to stop beating in double time Too much has happened, I got too much on my mind I’m in love, I can wait, can’t decide what I want But you’re all driving me crazy with each lovely, dark thought   The problem is that I’m always so confused I want … More Game Changer


I’m home. I’m home and I’m hurting again. WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THIS I’M FEELING? THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME! GO AWAY, SADNESS! I don’t feel optimistic and dreamy like I normally do. I just feel….achey. URGH. I hate it. I stayed with my grandparents in the country this week. It was like … More Magic

Cupid’s Daughter

*sigh* I’m still confused. I’m not any less confused than I was before. Ugh. Don’t you just HATE that? I definitely feel better. Surprisingly apathetic, in fact. That’s good, right? My friends were so worried about me. Frankly, they still are. But I’m okay. A breakup isn’t the end of the world. Even though it … More Cupid’s Daughter

The End

The girl is falling. She’s falling, she’s falling, she’s suspended in space. Time passes, words are spoken. She keeps going, words fly back and forth, she grabs onto something, asks a question. And the answer isn’t quite what she expected. It’s worse. And so she falls. When she finally hits the bottom, the ground isn’t … More The End


I’m so confused. I was so sure I loved you. When I think of you, and being with you, and I see your face in my mind, I smile. I smile and blush and I see it. I see a future. It’s not like that with anybody else. But then why do I feel so … More Rollercoaster