simply existing can feel so empty sometimes that i go stir crazy, waking in the middle of the night staring out my window and contemplating how people come to love themselves and how long it would take to run all the way to the city   i guess i got tired of feeling the chaos … More Radical


Nothing is the same anymore People grow, children change We’re so much older, with new dreams New clothes, new memories, new pain   We used to be just kids Planning for a future that seemed so far But now all we do is stay out too late To distract us from who we think we … More Children


There are precious things in the world still. Even when I am experiencing the feeling of falling apart. When I am detached from everyone and everything. When the stress and fear is too much and I want to sleep my life away. There are unicorn frappuchinos from Starbucks. There are kisses on the head. There … More Smile


How has this happened? To my friends, the people I’ve grown up with, the different pieces of my heart. We’ve gone from bubble gum days to brokenhearted nights, in the span of a single season. We get the mean reds that show themselves on pale wrists, and we forget what it means to love and … More Scarred


There I go, in my mind’s eye. The girl with the scuffed shoes and infectious laugh and a million friends. The one who loved Taylor Swift and writing letters and taking pictures of her feet. I hated her. I thought she was immature, naive. And maybe she was. But she also knew where she belonged, … More Worn


A lot happened this past summer. I grew up. I distanced myself. I cut my hair. I changed my mind a few times. I told more people ‘no.’ I learned a few lessons, and forgot a few others. I ran away, and I got a little lost. I couldn’t find where I belonged. At some … More Home


It was a good experience. Seeing everyone walk up there and receive their diplomas, watching them give their presentations, wishing them farewells at the reception afterwards. But it was also—well, it was bittersweet, really. It’s funny how it doesn’t become real until you’re there. All this talk about graduation, and you’re excited and happy for … More Bittersweet