words–my closest friends, though sometimes still senseless, even to me. truly, i am afraid of how lonely i have become. Advertisements


he made her so very happy and how disappointed she was when she finally woke up and realized that happiness isn’t everything.


i spent far too much time being contemplative yet not enough actually thinking endless hours wasted simply wandering through my mind lost, directionless, without intention and that, i suppose, is how i ended up here broken ignorant reflecting on the spiral of who I have become downward for so long because I didn’t think never … More Contemplation


heartache and dandelions mixing together in the cool breeze as i taste the blood of loss on my tongue and breathe in the forgotten wishes that surround me   sifting violet sunlight casts shadows on my pale, tangled hair bare feet chasing, desperate, but never finding eternally departing from the past and into the elsewhere … More Yearning


i started adding chai to my plain black tea, and drove 90 miles an hour with all the windows down on my way home last night, just because i felt like it– because i can, because i am no longer bored, because i have unintentionally stumbled across something i didn’t even know i needed. i … More Serendipity


we stood on the outlook over our hometown, wrapped in thick blankets and each others’ arms staring into the distance desperately, hungrily swallowing the desert air and contemplating god, gravity, and city lights   just a few contented, soulful college kids in bomber jackets and worn converse sinking into the edge of the vast twilight … More Infinite


simply existing can feel so empty sometimes that i go stir crazy, waking in the middle of the night staring out my window and contemplating how people come to love themselves and how long it would take to run all the way to the city   i guess i got tired of feeling the chaos … More Radical