I love so many people. It made yesterday beautiful and amazing, because I was given the chance to tell them, and felt so much love in return. People I didn’t speak with for so long, that I finally get the chance to reconnect with. Those who have stuck by me through absolutely everything, no matter … More Valentine


I feel as if I live in a world full of cynics. Is it so wrong to have hope? To be optimistic and to actually want for good to happen, instead of dreading the worst? I wear rainbows on my sweaters and infinities around my neck because I’m tired of seeing weariness on the faces … More Sincerity


There’s nothing quite like it. Walking into a room, hot coffee in one hand, Converse on my feet, song lyrics in my head. And seeing you. My heart leaps, my mind goes a million different places at once, my coffee threatens to spill out of my hand and stain my shoes. After nine months, you … More Butterflies


I’ve recently learned that some things have to end before others can begin. I used to care about different people and want different things. I cared so much, about keeping us together and staying where I was for as long as possible. I didn’t understand that some things were made to be broken. And they … More Halcyon


Being with you is like never getting older, and never wanting to. Looking at you is like being somewhere only we know, set apart from the rest of the world. Laughing with you is like driving forever in a red Mustang GT through the desert. It’s a feeling I wish I could capture, to bottle … More Smitten


A lot happened this past summer. I grew up. I distanced myself. I cut my hair. I changed my mind a few times. I told more people ‘no.’ I learned a few lessons, and forgot a few others. I ran away, and I got a little lost. I couldn’t find where I belonged. At some … More Home


Nothing lasts in this world. Not love, not friends, no period of time. Everything has its own season, and its own purpose. To ensure our growth. To test our strength. To give us happiness. But when it’s over, we are left with the bitter taste of nostalgia in our mouths. Sometimes I wake with the … More Melancholia