i guess i was hoping maybe you’d wait for me but it’s been two years since then– and honestly, i wouldn’t care for me either, anymore. Advertisements


how sad when you sense so well the way something will end yet can’t help wanting it anyway– which leads to trying for it, feeling it,  breaking it, losing it, and finally, missing it, till you are left wondering why you ever desired a taste of something you were not allowed to keep.


“this doesn’t have to be goodbye,” she says. “we can just go back to the way we were– the way it was before.” yet he only smiles sadly, shakes his head, and breaks her heart with a quiet, “oh, but darling, we were never just friends.”  


heartache and dandelions mixing together in the cool breeze as i taste the blood of loss on my tongue and breathe in the forgotten wishes that surround me   sifting violet sunlight casts shadows on my pale, tangled hair bare feet chasing, desperate, but never finding eternally departing from the past and into the elsewhere … More Yearning


We can’t be friends. I thought I could do it, but I was wrong. It’s impossible to fix the past and it’s too difficult to live in the present and I find that it was better when we didn’t talk at all. Jealousy cripples me and regret never leaves. The gravity of what I lost, … More Strangers


I know how you feel. Tricked, vulnerable, lonely. Stupid. He wrote poetry for me. He called me brighter than the sun and told me he’d wait as long as he had to. Until he gave up, and moved on to someone else. He told her he loved her, and wanted to be with her, and … More Us


Bite my tongue. Hold my shaky breath. Maybe if I’m quiet for long enough, everything will be okay, eventually. If I’m honest, it’s really hard to feel this way. Numb, misunderstood, vulnerable. Stubborn. Dazed. I’m tired of hurting you. I’m tired of breaking. But hearts ache sometimes, even when they love each other.