i suppose we were simply high school friends condemned to the distance of graduation and separate lives and it was complete foolishness, to assume we all loved one another enough to call every so often because it’s been almost a year, and i still check for a letter every day only to find an empty … More Drifting


Nothing is the same anymore People grow, children change We’re so much older, with new dreams New clothes, new memories, new pain   We used to be just kids Planning for a future that seemed so far But now all we do is stay out too late To distract us from who we think we … More Children


The other night, I took a bath. I used a bath bomb and sat until the water grew cold, and then I sat some more, letting the aromas wash over me and ignoring my scattered thoughts. I shaved and moisturized and ran my hands over my silky smooth skin. I whitened my teeth and French-braided … More Indulgence


We took so many pictures, of marching to Pomp and Circumstance. Walking down to accept our diplomas. Throwing our royal blue caps in the air. And just like that, we are no longer children. To ourselves maybe, but not to those watching. Truly, I think we’re all kinda lost. We don’t know where we’re heading, … More Graduation


welcome to high school. this is a place where no one looks forward to life anymore. where everyone has senioritis and bored faces and we all just go through the motions. a place where people contemplate suicide daily, because no matter how beautiful their lives are, their minds are messes. where you’re labeled a “slut” … More Welcome


I lie to myself sometimes to put on an even better face for others. I say that I have a perfect, all-American family that my friends are always there as soon as I need them that I’m completely confident in how I look and accept my beauty graciously. But what you don’t know, is that the … More Authenticity


I want you all to know that I’m happy. I’m confused, and I’m busy, and I’m tired, but I’m happy. I’m still in love with everything, and I’m still bubbly and suntanned and wistful. Sometimes I just need to breathe, I guess. I have to take awhile to find myself, to relax, to have peace. … More Free-Spirited