nightly screams silent, yet so raw and real an outcry of the regret in her soul and the shame of her careless, broken spirit   but darkness will fade into the pale pink of a new morning even after every bloody collision of her mind as hope intertwines with the glow of daylight. Advertisements


Here I am–right where I never thought I’d be. At my new job, playing secretary, sitting in an office by the door waiting to greet people. I have a smile on my face and a laptop on my desk. It’s a lovely setting, neither overwhelming or boring. It’s strange, that the days of sending emails … More Optimism


I wish I could just run away sometimes. More and more these days, it seems.   I want to drive down the coast, music pounding through my ears and igniting my blood, changing me from the inside out. I want to dye my hair pink and sit in coffee shops until it becomes clear who … More Bliss


It’s funny, the way we know each other. Your deepest thoughts, poetic mind, and quirky soul are like second nature to me. Yet I didn’t see you the way others do. I didn’t notice the way you shake your head and laugh knowingly or how you jump around when you’re excited. I never saw how … More Trainwreck


Sometimes, I log on to WordPress to rant. Sometimes I’m here to cry. Sometimes I’m here for encouragement. And I’m dark. I’m depressing. I’m emotional. I let out all my deepest feelings, hoping someone, anyone, anywhere, will listen. I need that. But I also need hope. I need everyone to know that it’s gonna be … More Anew