Here I am–right where I never thought I’d be. At my new job, playing secretary, sitting in an office by the door waiting to greet people. I have a smile on my face and a laptop on my desk. It’s a lovely setting, neither overwhelming or boring. It’s strange, that the days of sending emails … More Optimism


I wish I could, sometimes. More and more these days. I want to drive down the coast, music pounding through my ears and igniting my blood, changing me from the inside out. I want to dye my hair pink and sit in coffee shops until it becomes clear who I’ve been looking for. I want … More Bliss


It’s funny, the way we know each other. Your deepest thoughts, poetic mind, and quirky soul are like second nature to me. Yet I didn’t see you the way others do. I didn’t notice the way you shake your head and laugh knowingly or how you jump around when you’re excited. I never saw how … More Trainwreck

Stay Alive For Me

Sometimes, I log on to WordPress to rant. Sometimes I’m here to cry. Sometimes I’m here for encouragement. And I’m dark. I’m depressing. I’m emotional. I let out all my deepest feelings, hoping someone, anyone, anywhere, will listen. I need that. But I also need hope. I need everyone to know that it’s gonna be … More Stay Alive For Me


I’m so confused. I was so sure I loved you. When I think of you, and being with you, and I see your face in my mind, I smile. I smile and blush and I see it. I see a future. It’s not like that with anybody else. But then why do I feel so … More Rollercoaster

Words I’ve Spoken

I have dreams. I have thoughts. I have aspirations. They flit and flutter across my mind like little butterflies, waiting to be caught in a jar and released to the world. They’re scared. They’re strange. Sometimes they’re beautiful. But most of all, they’re ready. They want to be seen and admired. And so the giver … More Words I’ve Spoken