i believe my loneliness is a consequence for the many mistakes i made in high school and a reminder of all the people i hurt back then as everyone else is fine now while i still regret absolutely everything because reality  is that you cannot just go around breaking hearts and then expect to not … More Kismet


words–my closest friends, though sometimes still senseless, even to me. truly, i am afraid of how lonely i have become.


i spent far too much time being contemplative yet not enough actually thinking endless hours wasted simply wandering through my mind lost, directionless, without intention and that, i suppose, is how i ended up here broken ignorant reflecting on the spiral of who I have become downward for so long because I didn’t think never … More Contemplation


it continues to weigh on me. the illness in my head, the heaviness of my soul.   unable to concentrate, i stare aimlessly into my cold mug of tea, watching the calm and unmoving liquid.   how unlike the gravity of my mind, which never stops tossing and turning– it takes so much out of … More Grief