words–my closest friends, though sometimes still senseless, even to me. truly, i am afraid of how lonely i have become. Advertisements


i spent far too much time being contemplative yet not enough actually thinking endless hours wasted simply wandering through my mind lost, directionless, without intention and that, i suppose, is how i ended up here broken ignorant reflecting on the spiral of who I have become downward for so long because I didn’t think never … More Contemplation


it continues to weigh on me. the illness in my head, the heaviness of my soul.   unable to concentrate, i stare aimlessly into my cold mug of tea, watching the calm and unmoving liquid.   how unlike the gravity of my mind, which never stops tossing and turning– it takes so much out of … More Grief


Some days, I want to die. I lay on my bed and forget to breathe, calling people just to cry and waiting for the anxiety to leave me. I examine myself in the mirror, skip meals, avoid my parents. The loneliness is overwhelming, and I cannot cope. Yet, on other days, everything is beautiful. I … More Emotional


I love you, I really do. I hurt you because I can’t hurt anyone else. I can’t push anyone else away because they won’t keep trying to stay the way you do. I don’t really feel anything, right now. It’s hard for me to visualize you as a person, to remember why I fell in … More Sorry


Do you ever just feel this overwhelming sadness? The nostalgia, the knowing that things will never be the same. Missing the things you took for granted. That loneliness, the shuddering thought that no one in the world can even begin to understand how you feel or what you’re thinking. The thought that you had what … More Saudade