i told him i had trust issues, and he said it was okay– that he was a living hurricane, who hid behind a deluge of feelings— but it was just a romantic notion, to think that two broken people could somehow fix each other, so i chose to barricade myself in the safety of my … More Weathered


here i go again, missing you and wondering why everything reminds me of a love that we never even had.


my relapse began when i was still very sick– and instead of taking care of myself, i decided it was easier to pretend that i was normal, just like everyone else. so i stopped monitoring calories and i stopped eating snacks and i stopped letting myself rest and i also stopped recovering.  


poetry flows through my veins as i lay in bed at night but slips between my fingers when i wake in the morning– and i have since learned that my innermost feelings will never allow the light of day to seep through the cracks of their velvety darkness, which is what causes so much of … More Hidden


we are all struggling to grow into better versions of ourselves than the ones we see in the rearview mirror– but what if our past selves were the best people we could ever hope to become?