just because i long for the beach does not mean i hate the mountains– i simply feel that home has lost its definition in the dictionary of my soul and i am worn of being left to wander between the two pieces of myself.   Advertisements


how do you live in a place where you bruised so many hearts so quickly after you arrived that all the neon signs are blurredĀ  with salty memories of breaking down and becoming the last person on earth that you ever wished to be?


it was a sad awakening to realize that everyone had already moved on with their lives so soon after i left– but i suppose that love is an everchanging concept and life, an unpredictable melding of summer, fall, and winter and i would so much rather their hearts had mended than find myself the cause … More Equinoxes


we have both said no once now, and i cannot blame you for rejecting me, just the way you do not blame me for trying– yet i feel in my soul that our story still has not ended as we have spent so many years quietly fading in and out on the edge of each … More Undying


if only i could drop everything and drive until i reached a place where no one knew my name– but i would probably just make the same mistakes all over again and eventually long to escape from there, too.


i don’t think i belong on the west coast– but then again, i don’t think i belong anywhere, really and maybe that is just the way you’re supposed to feel when you are struggling to find yourself.