when he touches my shoulder, i am tempted to run right there, right then away from the recollections, and the feeling of worthlessness subconsciously, i am guarded locked away protecting myself from being hurt again so i avoid his gaze cross over to the other side of the room and say hello to someone else … More Guarded


I love you, I really do. I hurt you because I can’t hurt anyone else. I can’t push anyone else away because they won’t keep trying to stay the way you do. I don’t really feel anything, right now. It’s hard for me to visualize you as a person, to remember why I fell in … More Sorry


There I go, in my mind’s eye. The girl with the scuffed shoes and infectious laugh and a million friends. The one who loved Taylor Swift and writing letters and taking pictures of her feet. I hated her. I thought she was immature, naive. And maybe she was. But she also knew where she belonged, … More Worn


I guess I miss you. I don’t know–it’s hard to tell when the rest of my life is going so perfectly and you’re the only thing wrong. I hate getting older, though. Being forced to let things go and realize that not everyone cares, not everyone will try for you. I see that kind of … More Chapters


I want to think I’m perfect. I want other people to think I’m perfect. I don’t like letting people in, because they’ll see that I’m not perfect after all. I’m scared. I’m scared they won’t like me if they realize that I’m a fake, a phony, someone who pretends they know what they’re doing when … More Better


The girl is falling. She’s falling, she’s falling, she’s suspended in space. Time passes, words are spoken. She keeps going, words fly back and forth, she grabs onto something, asks a question. And the answer isn’t quite what she expected. It’s worse. And so she falls. When she finally hits the bottom, the ground isn’t … More Ending