the one that got away called me up this morning, after a long two years and i almost told him everything, from my uncertainty about the future, to the fact that i miss him, but then i remembered why i left and that most people will do anything to avoid a second heartbreak so we … More Binary


in the beginning, i told myself it was simply part of finally learning how to heal but i have been filled with such sadness for so long now that i am starting to fear i am instead in the process of falling apart all over again.


they had a mess of a history and the ironic twist about it was that it was just enough to hold the two back from talking like they used to yet the one and only factor that saved them from being total strangers.


words–my closest friends, though sometimes still senseless, even to me. truly, i am afraid of how lonely i have become.


he made her so very happy and how disappointed she was when she finally woke up and realized that happiness isn’t everything.


Above the world,  beyond it all, we sat at the top of the Ferris wheel. Inky, endless night surrounded us as we looked, and we saw the world from a higher perspective. The way the lights twinkled, Neon, tinted with spirit. And that the people looked how we must look to God in the heavens. … More Relativity


Rain drop Lights off Listening to the quiet throb   My soul afire Lit and sparked But dampened by the drear   Almost empty All dreams disposed Lying near my cup of forgotten tea   Cozy sweaters Yet lonely days I sleep to the murmur of hazy weather   Night, with pen to paper Scrawl … More Daze