Above the world,  beyond it all, we sat at the top of the Ferris wheel. Inky, endless night surrounded us as we looked, and we saw the world from a higher perspective. The way the lights twinkled, Neon, tinted with spirit. And that the people looked how we must look to God in the heavens. … More Relativity


Rain drop Lights off Listening to the quiet throb   My soul afire Lit and sparked But dampened by the drear   Almost empty All dreams disposed Lying near my cup of forgotten tea   Cozy sweaters Yet lonely days I sleep to the murmur of hazy weather   Night, with pen to paper Scrawl … More Daze


A friend told me the other day that I sometimes blur the lines between reality and my emotions. It’s true. I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know how I should feel. I know I used to be loving and easygoing and genuinely happy, but now I blow everything out of proportion. I’m told … More Logical


We can’t be friends. I thought I could do it, but I was wrong. It’s impossible to fix the past and it’s too difficult to live in the present and I find that it was better when we didn’t talk at all. Jealousy cripples me and regret never leaves. The gravity of what I lost, … More Strangers


Do you ever just feel this overwhelming sadness? The nostalgia, the knowing that things will never be the same. Missing the things you took for granted. That loneliness, the shuddering thought that no one in the world can even begin to understand how you feel or what you’re thinking. The thought that you had what … More Saudade


I feel as if I live in a world full of cynics. Is it so wrong to have hope? To be optimistic and to actually want for good to happen, instead of dreading the worst? I wear rainbows on my sweaters and infinities around my neck because I’m tired of seeing weariness on the faces … More Sincerity


Broken. That’s what I said, the word I used. That’s what I told myself, and him, as I re-read the letters. Boxed the photographs. Dreamed about us. We’re broken, we’re a mistake, we’re not happy. We were so lost in each other, we forgot who we were–and I was tired of living with the one … More Damaged