i hate admitting i need you after i gave you up so easily, and so long ago but how else can i explain the reason i’m suddenly calling to talk about absolutely nothing at all? Advertisements


today is your birthday and i can’t even bring myself to call and say i’m thinking of you. but, darling–i am.


phantasm – n. illusion, hallucination   define me simplify me, please into something clear and concise that doesn’t beg to be understood   harbinger – n. indication, sign   until now i could only find myself in breathlessness, idle conversation and forgotten mugs of green tea   legerdemain – n. deceit, trickery   but it’s … More Undefined


they surprise me, the yellow flowers, when i see them in the shop window. i stop to admire them, and they remind me of us, last valentine’s day– you, eighteen and hopeful, as you showed up with a bouquet and me, sixteen and laughing, running into your arms. so i buy them, take them home, … More Roses


i guess i was hoping maybe you’d wait for me but it’s been two years since then– and honestly, i wouldn’t care for me either, anymore.