My life is a canvas. Some parts of it are cracked and dull, full of shadows and dark colors. Others are colorful and splattered, messy and grouped into indistinct patterns.  The prettiest are smooth and flowing, made of peaceful reflections and light pastels. These different sides all make up the edge of the painting, some … More Canvas


How has this happened? To my friends, the people I’ve grown up with, the different pieces of my heart. We’ve gone from bubble gum days to brokenhearted nights, in the span of a single season. We get the mean reds that show themselves on pale wrists, and we forget what it means to love and … More Scarred


Morning. A big, strong mug of black coffee, with the words This is Going to be the Best Day Ever printed on the side of the cup. My inspiration and the kick-off to the rest of my day. Afternoon. A meet-up at the sweet little coffeeshop on the corner before my shift. I get a … More Coffee


I love so many people. It made yesterday beautiful and amazing, because I was given the chance to tell them, and felt so much love in return. People I didn’t speak with for so long, that I finally get the chance to reconnect with. Those who have stuck by me through absolutely everything, no matter … More Valentine


I miss you. Under all my layers of regret and forgetting and moving on, I always feel it. The emptiness that comes from trying to decorate your absence with new feelings, and new people. Of course I’m fine, but somehow that doesn’t make it easier. I have so many pictures of beaming faces pressed close … More Longing


I’ve recently learned that some things have to end before others can begin. I used to care about different people and want different things. I cared so much, about keeping us together and staying where I was for as long as possible. I didn’t understand that some things were made to be broken. And they … More Halcyon


Being with you is like never getting older, and never wanting to. Looking at you is like being somewhere only we know, set apart from the rest of the world. Laughing with you is like driving forever in a red Mustang GT through the desert. It’s a feeling I wish I could capture, to bottle … More Smitten