they know me as a west coast girl with dyed hair, a thin frame, and a penchant for sushi. i shop at whole foods, and sprouts, and trader joe’s, for gluten free breads and soy substitutes. i fall for soft aesthetics, and listen to indie bands with foreign names that no one has ever heard … More Pretentious


i started adding chai to my plain black tea, and drove 90 miles an hour with all the windows down on my way home last night, just because i felt like it– because i can, because i am no longer bored, because i have unintentionally stumbled across something i didn’t even know i needed. i … More Serendipity


we stood on the outlook over our hometown, wrapped in thick blankets and each others’ arms staring into the distance desperately, hungrily swallowing the desert air and contemplating god, gravity, and city lights   just a few contented, soulful college kids in bomber jackets and worn converse sinking into the edge of the vast twilight … More Infinite


If I am to love you, I want the deepest parts of you. I want you to tell me how you believe the earth was made, what your parents are like, or how you feel about tragedy, and Beethoven, and what it means to be alive. I require 2am conversations, the kind you can’t remember … More Connection


After a long summer of wondering, waiting, imagining how things would play out, exploring new avenues, discovering myself–I was finally able to say goodbye to everything that still haunted me. I visited Florida, where I left all my memories, and realized why they became memories in the first place. I cried with my dear, lovely … More Farewell


Nothing is the same anymore People grow, children change We’re so much older, with new dreams New clothes, new memories, new pain   We used to be just kids Planning for a future that seemed so far But now all we do is stay out too late To distract us from who we think we … More Children


do you still wish? do you still dream, on stars and clocks and pennies tossed in fountains? do you miss the way things used to be, when you were happy, free, ungrounded?   am i wasting precious breath? am i silly to attempt a lost art, in being optimistic? am i stupid or a fool, … More 11:11