i hate admitting i need you after i gave you up so easily, and so long ago but how else can i explain the reason i’m suddenly calling to talk about absolutely nothing at all? Advertisements


today is your birthday and i can’t even bring myself to call and say i’m thinking of you. but, darling–i am.


they surprise me, the yellow flowers, when i see them in the shop window. i stop to admire them, and they remind me of us, last valentine’s day– you, eighteen and hopeful, as you showed up with a bouquet and me, sixteen and laughing, running into your arms. so i buy them, take them home, … More Roses


they had a mess of a history and the ironic twist about it was that it was just enough to hold the two back from talking like they used to yet the one and only factor that saved them from being total strangers.


he made her so very happy and how disappointed she was when she finally woke up and realized that happiness isn’t everything.